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The Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science (RSGIS) Research Laboratory is a new addition to the Department of Environmental Sciences, School of the Coast and Environment. Formerly the Computer Mapping Science Laboratory, the new RSGIS Laboratory was established in August 2006, and is now housed in the Energy, Coast and Environment Building.

Directed by Dr. Nina Lam, Professor of Environmental Sciences, the RSGIS Lab currently has five 64-bit workstations with modern graphic cards, each equipped with dual screens and designed for intensive computing, image processing, simulation, and visualization. In addition, the Lab has a file server, a color laser printer, two scanners, two laptops, a compact LCD projector, and a Trimble GPS system. Remote sensing and GIS software includes ArcGIS Desktop Suite (Advanced), ArcGIS Server, Geomedia Professional, Erdas/Imagine, and eCognition. Statistical/mathematical, and neural network/data mining software are also available, such as Matlab, Mathematica, Qnet, SPSS, and SAS. A licensed version of MS Visual Studio is also available through LSU Tigerware.

In addition to the RSGIS Laboratory, the School of the Coast and Environment also has an updated computer teaching lab located at Rm. 1028 ECE Building. This teaching lab is equipped with multimedia facilities and houses 18 seats for students with computers, software, and a printer. The teaching lab is designed for teaching IT-intensive classes such as Remote Sensing, GIS, Coastal Modeling and is made accessible for regular classes, workshops, and student projects.

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