LSU CNH Research Team Collaborates with East China Normal University To Study Mega-Delta Resilience

In collaboration with the LSU NSF Coupled Natural-Human System project (PI: Lam), colleagues from the East China Normal University have recently received a grant from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for a 3-year project, titled “A Comparative Study on Mega-Delta Erosion Hazard and Adaptation Measures in China and USA”. Award amount is $3.7 million RMB (US $576,000). Investigators from the LSU group include Professors Nina Lam, Kam-biu Liu (Oceanography and Coastal Sciences), and Yi-Jun Xu (School of Renewable Natural Resources).

Correll and Dr. Lam attend Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, Oct. 26-28 in D.C.

Rachel Correll, a recipient of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Doctoral Scholars Fellowship, attended SREB’s 25th annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring in Washington, DC, along with her graduate advisor Dr. Nina Lam. The conference is hosted by the SREB’s Doctoral Scholars Program, and brings together students and faculty from minorities underrepresented in higher education.

Mihunov Awarded Travel Funds, Participates in AAAS Student E-poster Competition

Mihunov, Volodymyr, PhD candidate, Environmental Science, 2018. Received a travel award of $1,000 by the South-Central Climate Science Center to attend 2018 AAAS Meeting Austin TX, Feb. 2018. His participation in AAAS Student E-poster Competition included 3-minute lightning talk on community resilience to drought hazard in front of AAAS judges and poster session audience.

Dr. Lam Receives the NSF “RAPID” Grant to Study the Role of Social Media During Hurricane Harvey

Dr. Lam receives a new research grant from NSF. The grant, titled “RAPID: The changing roles of social media in disaster resilience: The case of Hurricane Harvey”, is an interdisciplinary project with co-PIs from CCT and other disciplines. Co-PIs are: Michelle Meyer (Sociology), Seung-Jong Park (CCT and Computer Science), Margaret Reams (Environmental Sciences), Seungwon Yang (CCT & Information Science), and Kisung Lee (Computer Science). Updates on the research progress were recently published by LSU CC&E Media Center.

Dr. Lam’s Article in “The Conversation” Recieves Media Attention

Dr. Lam published an article titled “Americans who live far from coasts should also be worried about flooding” in The Conservation on August 28, 2017, right after Hurricane Harvey flooded Huston. The article, which is based on an academic article authored with postdoctoral research associate Dr. Yi Qiang and graduate students, generated media coverage such as by: The Washington Post: “Moving away from the coasts doesn’t mean you’re safe from flooding”, PBS: “Why moving inland might not keep you safe from floods”, National Science Foundation: “Study reveals America’s most flood-vulnerable communities”, Radio Talk Show in New York: “Climate change: Are we adapting?”.

Podcast: “Climate change: Are we adapting?” (Duration: 42:44)

Zou Attends CESM Tutorial at University of Colorado, Boulder

PhD candidate Lei Zou has been selected to attend the 2017 CESM Tutorial held at University of Colorado in Boulder. CESM stands for the Community Earth System Model, it is a fully-coupled, community, global climate model that provides state-of-the-art computer simulations of the Earth’s past, present, and future climate states’. The project is sponsored by NSF and US Department of Energy, and maintained by NCAR.

Cai and Mihunov Awarded Travel Funds, Attend UCGIS Summer School and Symposium. Mihunov Wins in Poster Competition

PhD candidates Heng Cai and Volodymyr Mihunov were selected to receive a travel award of $2,000 each to attend the UCGIS Summer School on Collaborative Problem Solving with CyberGIS and Geospatial Data Science, held at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and UCGIS Symposium held at Arlington, VA, May 2017. Mihunov received the People’s Choice award ($500) for his poster presented at the UCGIS symposium. His poster, coauthored with students and earlier career scientists from different universities, is titled “Food, Water, and Energy Nexus: The Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Productivity”.

Li Receives Honorable Research Awards at 2017 ABM Symposium

Dr. Kenan Li, one of the first two PhD graduates in Environmental Science (Fall 2015) and is currently postdoctoral research associate with the Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California. His poster presentation in the Agent-Based Modeling Conference (ABM 2017) in San Diego, April 2017, has received both the PEA award and the ABM2017 Star award. Kenan is the only early scientist to receive both awards. His poster is titled “ABShape: An Open-Source Python Platform for Agent Based Modeling and Simulation”.