Image Characterization And Modeling System (ICAMS)

ICAMS processes remote sensing imagery to extract relevant spatial information. Several analytical methods are implemented: wavelet methods, fractal and lacunarity methods. ICAMS was developed in C++ by Wei Zhao, Guiyun Zhou, and Wenxue Ju based on research grants under Dr. Nina Lam and co-PIs.

In order to access the software, please fill out this form. Upon completing the form we will ask you to send an email confirmation of your request with your name, affiliation, position, a complete valid address, and phone number to Dr. Nina Lam. We will send you the passcode to access the download link once we receive your request confirmation.

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Please see a list of publications for ICAMS citation:

Any publications or reports that use the results from ICAMS should have proper citation(s). Some of the suggested references are:

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