Zou Awarded With Two Prestigious Research Stipends From LSU Graduate Dean

Zou, Lei, PhD candidate, Environmental Science, received two highly competitive research stipends from LSU Graduate Dean in one year. Zou was awarded the LSU Graduate Dean’s Summer 2016 Research Stipend, $4,000, and the LSU Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Year Assistantships (one of the four students received in a university-wide competition). 01/01/17-06/30/17. $12,600.

Dr. Lam Inducted as UCGIS Fellow

Dr. Lam was inducted as a Fellow of UCGIS. The UCGIS Fellows Program honors members of the geospatial community who have extraordinary records of accomplishments. They have demonstrated exemplary competence to:

  • Advance research in the field of Geographic Information Science;
  • Expand and strengthen Geographic Information Science education;
  • Advocate policies for the promotion of the ethical use of and access to geographic information technologies;
  • Build scholarly communities and networks to foster multi-disciplinary GIS research and education.

Please see UCGIS website for more details.

Dr. Lam Receives NSF Grant to Study Social Media and Disaster Resilience

Dr. Lam receives a research grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The grant, titled “Understanding Social and Geographical Disparities in Disaster Resilience through Social Media,” is LSU’s first NSF funded grant to involve collaboration between social and computer scientists at the Center for Computing Technology (CCT). Please see the announcement “CC&E Receives NSF Interdisciplinary Grant” (p.5) and NSF award page.

Dr. Lam and Dr. Qiang Recieve Louisiana Sea Grant Funding to Study Resilience Measurement Methods

Dr. Lam (PI) and post-doctoral research associate Dr. Yi Qiang received a grant from Louisiana Sea Grant College for a project titled “A synthesis of resilience measurement methods and indices.”

Update Oct 2018: An article bearing the same title has been published in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (2018, by Heng Cai, Nina Lam, Yi Qiang, Lei Zou, Rachel Correll, and Volodymyr Mihunov).

RSGIS Lab Collaborates with Climate Science and Policy Adaptation Researchers to Study Drought

Dr. Lam, Dr. Margaret Reams, and Dr. Robert Rohli received a grant from the USGS South-Central Climate Science Center for a project titled “Community resilience to drought hazard: An analysis of drought exposure, impacts, and adaptation in south-central United States.” Please see Research project page for more details, and the two publications (Mihunov et al. 2018Rohli et al. 2017)

Dr. Lam and Dr. Liu Contribute Commentary on the Oscar-nominated Film

As part of the media outreach, PI Lam and Co-PI Liu contributed commentaries on the film “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, which was nominated for several awards including the Best Picture award in the 2013 Academy Award Ceremony. The commentary titled “Run Wild” was featured on LSU website. Lam’s commentary was on “Building Resilience”, while Liu’s commentary focused on “Climate Change and Stronger Storms”.