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Adaptive Governance and Planning

Dr. Margaret Reams (Co-PI)
Jennifer Argote (PhD student)
Belen Toscano (PhD student)
Tiia Carraway (MS student, graduated 2013)
Pamela Golden (MS student, graduated 2013)
Emily Gootee (MS student, graduated 2014)
Heather Brown (MS student, graduated 2015)
Paul Algu (MS student, graduated 2015)

This research component will examine parish-level planning in Louisiana before and after the 2005 hurricane season to determine whether "adaptive governance" increased after the large-scale disturbances. Second, we will identify key factors that support or encourage a new "learning environment" wherein stakeholders recognize changing risks and are able to formulate collective plans to support more sustainable communities.

The project will address these research questions: (1) What plans and policies have been adopted by parishes within Louisiana since 2005 to address risks associated with climate change? (2) What accounts for variation in adopting such measures? In other words, what factors appear to encourage a post-disturbance "learning environment"?

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