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Historical Sediment Analysis

Dr. Kam-Biu Liu (Co-PI)
Dr. Terrence McCloskey(Postdoc)
Thomas Bianchette (PhD student, graduated 2015)
Qiang Yao (PhD student, graduated 2017)
Marianne Dietz (PhD student, graduated 2019)
Junghung Ryu (PhD student)
Dustin Naquin (MS student, graduated 2014)
Stacy Ortego (MS student)
Johnathan Lambert (BS student, graduated 2014)
Gabrien Panteria (BS student, graduated 2018)
Lance Riedlinger (BS student)

This component addresses the following questions:

  • How did the wetland accretion rates or sedimentation rates vary spatially and temporally across southern Louisiana?
  • What was the contribution of recent hurricanes (e.g., Gustav/Ike, Isaac) to wetland accretion?
  • What were the predominant mechanisms or processes responsible for the storm deposition – storm surge (seawater intrusion) or fluvial flooding (freshwater influx)?
  • How were the environmental effects of human activities recorded in the sedimentary records of southern Louisiana?

We will use a two-pronged approach of combining multi-proxy stratigraphic studies with a geospatial analysis of the CRMS (Coastwide Reference Monitoring Systems) dataset. We will take sedimentary cores along river channels that have not been locally altered by human activities or engineering projects. The sediment-stratigraphic data including changes in sedimentation rates will be used to quantify the links between land use and land cover change and soil erosion (hence sediment supply) in the study region. This study module will generate baseline data for assessing the long term environmental impacts of socioeconomic development in this region, which are vital for planning a sustainable future. Moreover, before we can quantitatively predict the future, we must know how the natural and human systems were coupled in the past. This module of the project will provide a long-term perspective on how the natural and human systems are coupled.

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