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Energy sustainability

Dr. David Dismukes (Co-PI)
Siddhartha Narra (Research Associate)

This research component has two objectives: (1) To develop an overall market-based approach to estimate the benefits of coastal restoration activities on energy infrastructure; (2) To develop a framework for estimating the potential scope of the energy infrastructure-coastal erosion issue and the development of market-based mitigation approaches that strengthen the synergies between energy infrastructure development and public sector coastal restoration activities. Our hypothesis is that there are synergies between coastal restoration and energy infrastructure based on an economic valuation of the tradeoffs.

To address the above issues we will conduct these tasks:

(1) identification of the historic and projected degree of land loss in the coastal area;

(2) identification of the potential infrastructure that may be affected by coastal erosion;

(3) identification of the potential scope of impacts to these "at risk" assets; and

(4) identification of the types of costs associated with either a coastal erosion-created event, or mitigation.

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