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Hydrology and Sediment Interaction

Dr. YiJun Xu (Co-PI)
Ivan Prock (PhD student)
Sanjeev Joshi (PhD student, graduated 2017)
Fengping Li (PhD student)
Shuaihu Wu (PhD student)
Shuwei Zheng (PhD student)
Jean Carlos Mena (MS student)
Bo Wang (MS student)

Three questions will organize this research component:

  • What is the amount of divertable river flow and sediments from the Mississippi and the Atchafalaya Rivers?
  • How are the divertable sediments spatially and temporally restricted?
  • If the divertable amount of sediments is not used, how much land could be lost in southeast Louisiana by 2050 due to continuing land subsidence and sea level rise?

To answer the above questions, this research component will accomplish the tasks described below:

  • Assess recent 3-decade riverine sediment delivery (1980-present): Discharge and sediment records will be collected from five major river systems for the recent three decades.
  • Determine space-time-dependent divertable sediment source.
  • Predict future inundation risk and divertable sediment supplies for southeast Louisiana.


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