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Land Pricing and Population Changes

Dr. Kelley Pace (Co-PI)
Tim Dombrowsky (PhD student)
Meagan McCollum (PhD student, graduated 2015)
Hong Lee (PhD student, graduated 2015)
Aaron Lin (PhD student, graduated 2012)
Shuang Zhu (PhD student, graduated 2011)

The main research questions in this component are: (1) To what degree that elevation affects the pricing of the land, especially in terms of its future use? (2) And how will the land price affect population and migration?

We will analyze the demographic and economic data by using the census data at the finest scale. Elevation will be determined by the GIS method. Regression analysis will be applied to examine the relationship between land price and elevation. Then, to better understand the trade-offs between land price, uncertainty of future risk, and decision to migrate, we propose modeling migration in a way that incorporates differences among origins and destinations in terms of risk from low elevation (e.g. hurricanes) and attractiveness (e.g. employment opportunity). The interplay among the factors affecting vulnerability and attractiveness will help determine the response in the future to changes in these characteristics.

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